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How a Free Website Review Can Help You

A website review is a handy service numerous web companies provide, but the vast majority of these companies charge considerable fees to for the review. iClass offers a completely free website review that will help you determine if your school’s website is doing everything it can to benefit your school. So how do website reviews […]

iClass App: Perfect for Parents

Technology is constantly making it easier to get in touch with others, regardless of where they’re based in the world. From free instant messaging apps like WhatsApp to the revolutionary video calling app Skype, there’s a whole lot of different communication apps and tech to choose from. But while it’s getting easier to communicate with […]

iClass: Built to Benefit Your School

The iClass content management system is an easy to use website platform that is built to benefit the unique needs of your school. The platform caters to schools of all sizes and types, from small primary schools to large high schools, and everything in between. Whether you require a full suite of features or just […]

Get Green and Paperless with iClass

Right around the world schoolchildren are taking a stand against governments, companies and people who choose to ignore the terrible impact climate change is having on our planet. As the children of today will be the ones forced to live with extreme weather, rising sea levels and the dislocation of communities due to climate change, […]

Stay Up to Date with iClass

Updates and upgrades are a common part of using technology and something most if not all of us have some experience with. Whether its your smartphone, laptop, home entertainment system or just a social media profile, updates and upgrades are an essential part of using technology. School websites are no different. From the technical side […]

Save Time with iClass

With so much to do and so little time, it’s no wonder why so many educators and teachers are reluctant to get involved with their school’s website. But regardless of whether you’re a school website administrator, article publisher or simply a blog commenter, iClass simplifies all aspects of running a school website. It’s designed with […]

Improve the Optics of Your School with iClass

In this day and age, it’s essential for everyone’s business to have some sort of digital representation, including schools. But the quality of your school’s website, in addition to the features and services it offers, can have a massive impact on how the parents of prospective students view your school. If the site looks professional, […]

Nothing Beats a Newsletter

When it comes to staying in touch with the parents of your school’s students, nothing quite beats the classic school newsletter. And thanks to digital technologies and iClass, it’s never been easier (or freer!) to write, edit and publish a weekly or monthly school newsletter. In fact, the iClass platform enables schools to create their […]

Request a Free iClass Demo Today

Unsure about the importance of your school website? Or maybe your lacking the confidence or skills to manage the site? Regardless of the reason, it’s essential that you give your school website the right amount of attention and consideration. As we’ve mentioned previously, your school website is the first thing most parents encounter when researching […]

Keeping Your School Website Secure

Cybercrime is a serious issue that impacts individuals and businesses alike, and it’s currently on the rise. The simple fact is cybercriminals can strike at any time, using a wide variety of tricks and tools to gain access to your most valuable information. This would be bad enough if it’s your own personal accounts or […]