St Joseph's College

In this day and age, it’s essential for everyone’s business to have some sort of digital representation, including schools.

But the quality of your school’s website, in addition to the features and services it offers, can have a massive impact on how the parents of prospective students view your school.

If the site looks professional, well-designed and is filled with up to date content, then it’s likely that parents will view your school in a positive and encouraging light.

However, if the site is slow to load and respond, features an outdated design, won’t load on mobile devices or lacks content about your school and its students, then it’s probable that parents will immediately be discouraged from learning more about your school.

This is why it’s so important that your school’s website is as cutting-edge as can be, as this will make your school stand out from the competition.

With iClass you get a bespoke, beautifully designed website that can be tailored to reflect the best and brightest aspects of your school.

With a range of handy features like event registration, a fully integrated mobile app that enables free parent-teacher communication, and a user friendly content management system that allows you to complete all tasks in under one minute, iClass is guaranteed to put your school at the top of the class.