When it comes to staying in touch with the parents of your school’s students, nothing quite beats the classic school newsletter.

And thanks to digital technologies and iClass, it’s never been easier (or freer!) to write, edit and publish a weekly or monthly school newsletter.

In fact, the iClass platform enables schools to create their very own dedicated Newsletter publishing category, and digital newsletters can include a variety of media types in addition to text, such as video, images and audio.

Similarly, digital school newsletters published using the iClass platform can host files for download, so parents can quickly access important files added to the newsletter such as permission slips or school closure notices.

Digital school newsletters are an easy way to keep parents up to date with the latest news from their children’s school, and don’t cost schools to write or publish as everything is done online.

Publishing a newsletter on your school’s website automatically pushes it the integrated iClass app so all parents will get instant access, and you can also send a free message with a link to newsletter to all registered parents.

For more information, or to organise a free iClass demo for your school today, please get in touch.