Right around the world schoolchildren are taking a stand against governments, companies and people who choose to ignore the terrible impact climate change is having on our planet.

As the children of today will be the ones forced to live with extreme weather, rising sea levels and the dislocation of communities due to climate change, it’s vital that as adults we do all that we can to prevent human-caused global warming from becoming any worse.

There are countless ways we can do this at home, from unplugging electrical items not in use to sorting waste for recycling, the majority of which can be done in school too.

Similarly, making the move to a paperless school via digital technologies will help reduce your school’s carbon footprint, in addition to simplifying communications between parents and teachers and greatly reducing costs.

The iClass platform enables schools to provide paperless forms for parents for enrolment, events, activities and outings, and as previously mentioned parent-teacher communications are free and instantaneous thanks to the integrate mobile app.

As more and more young people begin to voice their concerns about the future of this planet, it’s essential that we do everything in our power to ensure it remains hospital for countless generations to come.

By choosing the paperless iClass platform, you’ll be helping to safeguard Earth for years to come.