kid looks at a computer

Educational technologies (Edtech) are transforming the classroom and the learning experience for students all over the world.

As more and more schools are implementing Edtech into their learning plans, we though it would be a good idea to take another look at the biggest Edtech trends educators should know about in 2019.

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3. 5G

5G mobile networks will offer the fastest and most secure internet connection available and will innovate many areas of life, including how we learn.

5G connectivity supports instant streaming and will positively impact virtual reality and augmented reality technologies by enabling tech companies to manufacture self-contained headsets that simply need an internet connect to work.

This in turn will lower prices and lead to commodification of VR and AR headsets to the benefit of schools everywhere.

4. Gamification

We’ve talked about gamification before and how it can help improve student engagement and interaction by making learning fun for everyone.

Gamification technologies, such as the popular learning language app DuoLingo, use game techniques and rules to improve engagement and knowledge retention to great success and can greatly help teachers in the classroom.