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EdTech In Teaching

What is EdTech? EdTech is the practice of introducing IT tools into the classroom to create a more engaging, inclusive and individualized learning experience. EdTech tools are changing classrooms in a variety of ways: making it easy for students to stay engaged through fun forms of learning, assisting teachers with grading tests and holding students […]

Benefits Of STEM Education For Children

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is an essential part of a young child’s education. But STEM education goes beyond classroom curriculum and teaching children an appreciation for math and technology. Benefits Of STEM Education For Children Students learn in a healthy atmosphere during STEM education activities that encourage them to fail and try […]

Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom

The use of technology in the classroom is helpful because it develops critical thinking in students and prepares them for future challenges. Technology can save much time for students because technical devices such as Tablets, Computers, Laptops and Mobile Devices work faster than traditional methods. Today the internet has become global and by using it […]


Transform Your School’s Parental Communication With The iClass App! Below are some of the main reasons we believe the iClass App is essential in day to day school life. 1.  Mobile App for Parents The iClass App will vastly improve your school’s parental communication. Eliminate SMS costs, reduce printing and engage parents with latest school […]

Top 3 Microsoft Teams Teaching Tips

Microsoft Teams is just one of the many online teaching platforms available to help remote learning a whole lot easier. Not only can teachers use it to recreate the traditional classroom setup with the use of live video lessons, but they can also use it to store documents, share resources, streamline their teaching workflow and […]

G Suite for Education – What You Need to Know

Some schools and institutions can get access to G Suite for Education free of charge. This article contains everything you need to know about G Suite for education.  What is G Suite for Education? G Suite for education is a Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals – a free suite of easy-to-use tools that offer a […]

Video Classroom Options for Schools

Video Classroom Options for Schools  The conventional teaching method alone cannot satisfy all the needs of learners of different age groups. Modern schools need a more flexible and effective technique to complement the traditional teaching method.  Among the numerous options available, video classrooms have gained significant popularity as they allow students to learn without time […]

5 Tips for Google Classroom

Google Classroom facilitates easy management of student work – announcing, assigning, gathering, and providing feedback. It has saved many tutors’ hours of work.  Without a steady workflow and a practical strategy, managing digital learning can be burdensome. Google Classroom makes learning more effective only when teachers understand how a digital classroom works and how to […]

5 Tech Tips for Teachers

As children are learning to use technology at an increasingly young age, it makes sense that teachers should introduce

How 5G Will Impact VR/AR

5G network connectivity is set to transform wireless technology, but did you know it will also have a massive impact on educational technology? A recent article from Edtech Magazine examined some of the different areas of edtech 5G will innovate when it starts rolling out to mobile devices next year, and noted its capacity for […]