Might still be commonplace in Most schools they are simeple dependable and affordable way of presenting digital content

Laptops and teaching tablets

High end laptops can now be purchased for under €1000. They are ultra portable allow a wide range of connectivity and can be easily moved from class to class


Widely seen accross more amnd more schools, Smartboards are great tools for engagement. They allow students and teahcers to writee with pens or fingers and are great for engagement

Media PC

Another consideration is a low cost PC used exclusivemy for media back up and storage. It never moves, can be bought for €200 and you would be amazed at how much media schools misplace/lose over the years

Digital Camera

Something that many schools dont have but shold be a ‘must have’. they can be bought for under €500 and are so handy for high quality photos of events for the school website, brochures, emails and more and you can also record and edit high quality video


With the explosion of the gaming industry you can now get very low cost PC surround sound systems for under €200 from companies like Logitech. Great for your big screen!