Video Classroom Options for Schools 

The conventional teaching method alone cannot satisfy all the needs of learners of different age groups. Modern schools need a more flexible and effective technique to complement the traditional teaching method. 

Among the numerous options available, video classrooms have gained significant popularity as they allow students to learn without time and area restrictions. Below are five video classroom options you can use.  


Schoology Learning has offered instructional models for more than a decade, including 100% online courses and blended learning environments. This video classroom option has continued to ensure that all learners have access to the same quality of teaching and learning, irrespective of their social status, special learning needs, or any other factor.


Zoom brings students and teachers together to get things done in a frictionless and secure video environment. It offers a suitable communication medium that supports video meetings, voice, webinars, and chat across multiple devices and spaces.  

Blackboard Collaborate 

Blackboard Collaborate is one video classroom option designed specifically for schools that want to deliver a more engaging, personalized, and flexible learning environment for learners. This platform extends beyond traditional web conferencing to achieve the wide-ranging and varied learning needs of modern tutors and students. 

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Learners can meet, connect, and collaborate easily, securely, and reliably on Cisco WebEx Meetings. This video classroom option offers integrated audio, video, and content sharing services on any device. Besides, smart features, like WebEx Assistant and People Insights, bring AI to automate video classrooms and enhance student-teacher relationships. 

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect brings the real power of virtual to video classrooms. Schools can take advantage of its versatile age to create and conduct stellar video conferences for different grades. Using Adobe Connect can make teaching extraordinary and securely extend your reach far and beyond the ordinary.  

From any corner of the world, you are a click away from your students learning and interacting with their teachers. The above video classroom options offer the opportunity to keep your students focused and engaged with the best quality and real-time virtual classes.