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5 Tech Tips for Teachers

As children are learning to use technology at an increasingly young age, it makes sense that teachers should introduce

How 5G Will Impact VR/AR

5G network connectivity is set to transform wireless technology, but did you know it will also have a massive impact on educational technology? A recent article from Edtech Magazine examined some of the different areas of edtech 5G will innovate when it starts rolling out to mobile devices next year, and noted its capacity for […]

Infographic: AI and Academic Video

A recent survey conducted by Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite and University Business (via EdTech Magazine) notes how 90 percent of leaders from U.S. colleges and universities believe students will use some form of on-demand educational videos for learning purpose in the near future. Referring to a potential platform for such videos as a “Netflix model for learning”, the […]

Edtech Terms Every Teacher Should Know Pt 2

Today’s piece continues on from last week’s blog about edtech terms every teacher should familiarise themselves with in light of the increasing use of educational technologies in the classroom. First up is asynchronous learning (also known as e-learning), which is a learning style that focuses on the student by providing them with access to online […]

Edtech Terms Every Teacher Should Know

Educational technology is becoming more and more prominent in classrooms around the world and with it a whole heap of new terminologies that describe various forms of edtech. We’ve rounded up some of the most common edtech terms you’re likely to hear over the coming years as educational technology starts to take on a bigger […]

Upcoming Event: iClass at Microsoft Breakout

Microsoft is bringing it’s free Microsoft Breakout learning event to the iconic Thomond Park, Co. Limerick, on Wednesday 7th of November for a day of technology workshops and demonstrations. iClass will be among the exhibitors at next week’s event, which aims to give teachers a new understanding of technology tools such as Office 365 and how […]

iClassCMS at Microsoft Breakout

We are pleased to announced iClass will be exhibiting at the  Microsoft Breakout event at Thomand Park, Limerick, on Wednesday 7th of November. Microsoft Breakout is a free event designed to show teachers how technology can be successfully used in the classroom for teaching and learning. The event takes place at Thomand Park on Cratloe Road, […]

Reminder: iClass at NAPD Conference 2018

iClassCMS will be at this year’s National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals Conference 2018 at the Galmont Hotel & Spa, on Lough Atalia Road, Galway. Taking place on Thursday, 18th, and Friday, 19th of October, the NAPD Conference 2018 is the biggest annual event for second level school leaders. This year’s NAPD Conference features a range […]

iClass Announces Partnership with NAPD

iClassCMS, the number one website provider for schools, is delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with the National Associated of Principals and Deputy Principals at this year’s annual NAPD Conference 2018. This year’s conference takes place on Thursday, 18th, and Friday, 19th of October at the Galmont Hotel & Spa, on Lough Atalia […]

EdTech Trends: Smartphone Feedback for Homework

The Learnovation EdTech summit took place last week in Croke Park, giving visitors the chance to hear about the biggest upcoming EdTech trends from some of the most knowledgeable people in the EdTech world. Perhaps one of the more interesting trends we heard about was how a school in England is now using voice feedback […]