Ways to Lower School Operating Costs

A responsive website that perfectly displays on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is essential for any school that wants to make an impact online.

Responsive website design ensures web pages can render and display accurately on a wide variety of devices, including the aforementioned smartphones and tablets, plus laptops, PCs and other internet-enabled devices.

Put simply, the majority of parents will research about your school using a mobile device, and most likely it’ll be their smartphone.

So why exactly is responsive web design so important for school websites?

Your school’s website is the first thing they see about your school, but it could be the last if the site is unresponsive and unable to effectively showcase the reasons why your school should be their first choice for their children.

First impressions always count, but rarely more so than when it comes to parents choosing a school for their children.

By ensuing your school website is mobile responsive, you’re guaranteeing that all parents will be able to research about your school on your terms.

All iClass school websites are fully responsive on mobile devices.

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