Blogging is one of the easiest ways to spread word about your school, but it also comes with numerous benefits for both teachers and students.

The iClassCMS platform comes with an easy-to-use blogging feature that simplifies the whole process, ensuring anybody in the school can write, edit and publish their own blogs (if given permission).

Apart from its value as a marketing tool for your school, blogging is a great way to create and store the school’s unique content.

It acts a handy online hub for everything you’ve ever published, from newsletters to information about upcoming school trips and everything in between.

For students, blogging is a great way to improve literacy and encourages children and young adults to perfect their typing ability, an invaluable skill they’ll likely need when they’re getting ready for job interviews later in life.

It also ensures students and teachers are familiar with information technology and the many different ways technology is changing our world.

Blogging is also great for encouraging creativity and curiosity in students, and they may find themselves discovering new interests due to visual element of blogs.

There’s many obvious and hidden benefits for student and teacher blogging, all of which your school can enjoy with the iClassCMS platform.