In today’s technology-focused world, school websites need to perform a number of functions to ensure they are drawing as much interest from the parents of prospective students.

There are a number of elements of a good school website, such as a clear and informative design, a simple to follow layout and intuitive user interface, a catalogue of school related content and of course basic details about the school and what it offers.

Your school’s website should also contain easy to access links to any social media platforms the school uses to stay in touch with parents, such as Facebook and Twitter, and it’s advisable that the website is optimised for mobile devices so parents can quickly find important info about the school whenever they need it.

iClassCMS websites are designed with practicality in mind and provide schools with an engaging platform and an integrated mobile app allows for free and instant messaging, saving the school money on parent-teacher communications.

If you’re concerned your school website is not ticking all the boxes then you should consider availing of our completely free school website review, which gives you feedback on everything you need to know from GDPR compliance, to usability, design and functionality.

To sign up for a free website review please visit the Review page and enter your details into the form, including your name, email and school website.