St Mary's College

Have you heard about iClassCMS, the best in class website and mobile app solution for schools?

This comprehensive content platform is designed to answer the needs of teachers, students and parents, allowing for the quick and simple creation and distribution of relevant school information.

It consists of a custom built website, publishing platform and an app, and provides schools with an engaging yet easy-to-use responsive website and administrative hub for managing all content.

Teachers can edit and publish content with ease and set up and manage events using the efficient content and event management system.

The unique and empowering student publishing option allows students to publish and share content on the teacher moderated module.

A fully integrated mobile app for parents allows for two-way communication between parents and teachers and keeps parents informed of the latest news and events through dynamic publishing.

iClassCMS features six key components covering all aspects of content management for schools:

  1. A vibrant and user-friendly website
  2. A dedicated publishing module for teachers
  3. A student publishing option, moderated by teachers
  4. A mobile app with messaging and other functions for parents
  5. An event management, registration and payment module for events
  6. An administrative hub for moderating all content and user access

iClassCMS helps schools fully take advantage of the benefits of digital communications, enabling greater efficiency in information management and encouraging stronger relations between teachers, students and parents.

iClassCMS is currently being rolled out in a number of schools and organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

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