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Time Saving Technology Hacks

IMAGE BY: What Wood For Coasters Technology can be very easy to use. It can also be difficult. For those who did not grow up with technology, it can be a really challenging and frustrating experience. For those who do not fully understand technology, it is a grueling and tortuous experience. In the world we […]

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Analytics for Education

In recent years, the idea of big data analysis and analytics has taken the tech and business worlds by storm. Every action that we take online leaves a digital trail. There’s an increasing emphasis on software that can analyze this large volume of data. Because this analysis is so vast, it can reveal fascinating trends […]


Tech Tuesday: Flipgrid

It’s a new way to introduce yourself, to present ideas, and ultimately, a new way to learn. Say hello to Flipgrid. Flipgrid is an education technology application for teachers and students. Teachers start the video discussion. Students respond. It is a fun way for students to interact with their classmates. This educational tool is an […]


Don’t Be Invisible: Hacks to Boost your School’s SEO

In the era of 21st century learning, it’s important for schools to maintain a strong online presence. Having a strong SEO (search engine optimization) can help your school appear first in an online search. The first step is to create a top of the line website to engage students and parents, but it doesn’t stop […]

Tech Tuesday: Coding in the Classroom

Why learn to code? The number of schools implementing coding programs into their teaching process may seem unusual to some. The decision to teach with coding programs is part of the STEAM education trend. We communicate through reading and writing. Similarly, the process of coding uses a language to communicate with computers. A section of […]

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Introducing STEAM: A New Learning Approach

What is STEAM? Introducing STEAM! STEAM is derived from STEM, which is essentially a more specific curriculum of education in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In order to understand STEAM, we first need to understand a little bit about STEM. STEM was introduced in the early 2000s because it was noticed there […]


Creating Awesome Teacher Blog Posts

Unsure of how to utilize your blog as a teacher? Here are some tips to create posts that engage your students, communicate your message, and inspire your class.     Create a clear and simple title It is helpful to use a post title that accurately reflects the content being included in each individual blog […]

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Must-Watch TED Talks for Educators

Looking for a way to be productive during breaks in your day? TED talks are a fantastic way to discover bite-size inspiration! Here are a few of our favorite talks for educators.   “Success, failure, and the drive to keep creating” – Elizabeth Gilbert Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert talks about where inspiration can […]