Effective parent-teacher communication is crucial to student success. Students who feel their parents take an interest in their studies are more likely to succeed academically. There are many strategies that teachers can use to develop strong relationships with parents:


Let Students Show-Off

Students love to share their school successes with their parents. Take-home folders are a perfect opportunity for them to do so. Leaving notes or stickers on assignments that are well-done is an easy and low-touch way to maintain an open and positive communication channel with parents.



Classroom News

Share a weekly update from the classroom featuring class activities, new concepts learned, and any important reminders for the next week. Students can contribute, too! The newsletter will help facilitate parent-student conversations at home. Parents will feel more involved in the day-to-day activities of the class and more supportive of you as a teacher.


Check out some editable newsletter templates here and here.


Move to Mobile

Nearly all parents have a smartphone, making digital communication the ideal strategy for teachers. With a mobile solution like iClass, parents and teachers can engage in 2-way, dynamic conversation. The platform allows teachers to send free, instant messages to parents whether a reminder, sign-up, or even an emergency situation. Parents can respond immediately and directly, without going to any third-party sites. This ensures that communication is efficacious and on-time!