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There are a wide range of media supported by the system. In particular images are automatically stored and tagged any time an article is published. Tagging also allows you to search for images at a future date that can be reused in a new article and it also helps with SEO.

The app is available in both app stores to download. Simply search for iClassCMS, install the app and select your school when installing.

Yes. The app uses free Push Messaging and parents get an alert any time they receive a new message.

Yes. You can message one parent, all parents or set up groups.

Larger images are optimised to load quickly and you also have the option of leaving images responsive to screen size or setting particular dimensions.

It is simple to upload files. Simply create a hyper link and select the file on your hard drive. The system then does the rest. It tags the file and uploads it you the school’s storage folder

The cost depends on the number of students, school type and modules required. iClass has been built with full knowledge of the budgeting issues schools are facing. We guarantee that we offer the best value platform for schools in the market. The platform was built to bring a best in class solution, traditionally available to only the biggest feepaying schools and to make it widely accessible.

There is an annual fee to cover hosting, software updates and support. Again this will be considerably less than any other provider

We often have referral offers. Please contact us if referring a school.

A live demo will take as little as 15 minutes but we recommend making 30 minutes available. This will give us the opportunity to demonstrate the full functionality and ease of use of the platform in a live environment.

Yes. We encourage all schools to simply publish all media using the platform. For example with Newsletters you can create newsletters using images, video, audio, file downloads etc and then simply publish them. Create a publishing category on the website for ‘Newlsetters’. Parents can then access all newsletters there. Publishing your newsletter on the website also immediately gets the newsletter to the parent on the app. Lastly you can also send them a free message with a link to the newsletter to read it

For security reasons we recommend circulation g the Admin URL to authorised users. Each school has a unique Dashboard access URL. If you have misplaced yours simply email customer support.

Yes. Every handover includes a 1 hour online live training session. We also provide free training webinars throughout the year

Yes we offer live chat, email and phone support during school hours.
Once logged in you can also download a full training manual and access ‘How To’ videos on our Help page. There are also guides and tips available here on our website.